Purpose and Outcomes

Mission: Our mission is to lead our community to improved health through the development of pharmacy resident skills and knowledge required to promote, recommend, and deliver quality emergency medicine pharmaceutical care.

Purpose Statement: PGY2 residency programs build upon Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) education and PGY1 pharmacy residency training to develop pharmacist practitioners with knowledge, skills, and abilities as defined in the educational competency areas, goals, and objectives for advanced practice areas. Residents who successfully complete PGY2 residency programs are prepared for advanced patient care or other specialized positions and board certification in the advanced practice area, if available.

The Aultman Hospital PGY2 Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Residency Program will ensure resident graduates are competent in the practice of safe and effective evidence-based medicine within an emergency setting and are able to provide cost-effective pharmaceutical care and quality education.

Outcomes Overview: Emergency medicine resident graduates will be competent in the pharmaceutical management of a wide range of disease states for patients at varying levels of acuity. They will achieve optimal health outcomes by serving as part of interdisciplinary teams and providing medication-related education directly to patients and other healthcare professionals. Residents will be trained to be the pharmacy expert and medication information source within the emergency department. They will precept PGY1 pharmacy residents throughout the program, and IPPE and APPE students as available. In addition, residents will demonstrate proficiency in medical documentation and the use of several pharmacy and healthcare related technology systems, and they will be trained in project management and leadership skills.