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FAQs: Program Information

How many positions do you offer each year?

We currently accept 1 PGY2 Emergency Medicine Pharmacy resident per year.

What is the accreditation status of your program?

The PGY2 Emergency Medicine Pharmacy Program conducted by Aultman Hospital, Canton, Ohio, has an accreditation candidate status with ASHP.

What are the application criteria?

Applicants are required to have a PharmD, be completing an ASHP-accredited PGY1 pharmacy residency program, and be licensed in Ohio within 30 days of starting their residency year. Academic transcripts, curriculum vitae, a letter of intent, three letters of recommendation, and the candidate’s PGY1 research project protocol will all be taken into consideration.

Do you emphasize Diversity, Equity and Inclusion? Will I be welcomed and supported by your program and healthcare system?

We strive for diversity in our residency, and our PGY1 program boasts graduates from diverse ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We also welcome residents from different schools of pharmacy, including non-traditional and pass/fail programs.

Our program follows the Aultman Diversity Statement, and our residents are encouraged and supported to participate in Aultman diversity initiatives throughout the residency year.

Finally, our residents have the opportunity to care for a diverse racial and socioeconomic patient population through their patient care rotations. Resident have the option of expanding their care to additional patient populations through elective development.

What additional characteristics are you looking for in a resident?

We place a high priority on a growth mindset, communication skills (both written and verbal), teamwork, flexibility, and adaptability. The ideal resident has a solid knowledge base but understands that he/she is still learning and portrays a humble and teachable attitude. We are looking for hard-working, self-motivated candidates who are able to function independently, are able to think through critical situations, and take initiative when needed.

How do I apply?

We accept applications only through PhORCAS: https://portal.phorcas.org/

What happens after I apply?

A percentage of applicants will be selected for an on-site interview. Interviews will be scheduled in January and February.

Is an on-site interview required?

On-site interviews are strongly preferred.

What should I expect on the interview day?

We will likely be interviewing multiple candidates the same day. Candidates will be interviewed by pharmacy managers, residency faculty, and clinical staff in a panel interview setting. In addition, candidates will be evaluated on their clinical knowledge in a series of case-based questions. There will also be an on-site essay question to complete. Candidates will have the opportunity to interact with our staff, and tour through several areas of the hospital. A meal will be provided, and interview days will last 6 – 8 hours.

Do you have any electives?

As a new program, we are still growing our elective offerings! Stay tuned for more. We are very willing to develop electives based on resident interest area and preceptor availability.

What is unique about your program?

Our clinical pharmacy staff is a close-knit group even though we are part of a large regional hospital. We also have a diverse collection of clinical specialty areas and interests. Our emergency medicine pharmacists are well respected within the department, and our residency program director’s input into the medical residency has been recognized through her appointment as a core faculty member. We also offer the opportunity to build independent practice and operational skills crucial to emergency medicine pharmacy practice through our Critical Access Staffing rotation. 

What kind of rotation schedule does your program offer? 

We designed our program to mirror typical emergency medicine practice! Rather than an entire year of month-long rotations, we offer three larger blocks of Emergency Medicine Core rotations that offer the flexibility to focus topics and learning on the types of patients that present to the Emergency Department during that time. For non-ED based rotations, our program operates in 2 week intervals to provide a variety of experiences while ensuring learning never becomes stale! 

Is your program affiliated with any universities?

We offer a resident teaching certificate through the University of Connecticut if the resident did not complete one through their PGY1 experience.

Additionally, our pharmacist team precepts IPPE and APPE students from most area schools of pharmacy.

What hours can I expect to work and how many weekends will be required?

Residents will be expected to be on rotation with their preceptors. Hours will vary depending on the clinical service, but are generally 8 hours of rotation time per day. Residents will do clinical staffing every third weekend.

What type of clinical practice environment(s) does your program offer?

Each rotation is slightly different, but most inpatient rotations include interdisciplinary rounds and bedside patient education. Pharmacy services are in high demand at Aultman and are typically well received by prescribers and nurses.