Spring News

Class of 2018-2019


Aultman is pleased to announce that we matched with our next class of residents!  Thanks to all of our applicants for seeking us out and we wish you the best in your future careers.  Congratulations to our new class of residents, we are excited to work with you!


Nicholas Herbst - Northeast Ohio Medical University

Leeanne Mobayed - West Virginia University

Vanessa Rohm - Duquesne University

Nathaniel Wilhelm - Ohio Northern University


Aultman is also proud to announce that one of our current residents matched into a PGY-2 program.  Congratulations!


Allie Dolan, PharmD 

The Ohio State University/Optum Hospice Palliative Care/Pain Management PGY-2





Ohio Pharmacy Residency Conference

May 18, 2018


Our residents will be presenting the results of their research projects at OPRC.  We will also have two preceptors in attendance.  Please check out our resident presentations and let us know if you would like to arrange to talk to us while we're on campus at ONU!