Welcome to the pharmacy residency programs at Aultman Healthcare System. We offer two PGY1 programs (Aultman Hospital and Aultman Alliance Community Hospital) and a PGY2 in Emergency Medicine Pharmacy (Aultman Hospital).


Aultman is committed to creating and sustaining an environment that actively embraces diversity and recognizes the value and uniqueness of all individuals so Aultman may better meet the needs of its patients and customers. We believe a diverse pharmacy residency program is a key factor in supporting that goal. We are excited about our programs and hope you will be too!


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about our programs. Please explore the website to learn more about our programs, training sites and how you could become one of our residents. Contact us if we can help you on your residency journey.

Aultman PGY1

Aultman Hospital PGY1

Explore the broad and diverse opportunities within the Aultman Hospital PGY1 program. This program provides robust learning experiences in everything from critical care to management to ambulatory care while residents serve on active members of interdisciplinary teams and hospital committees. Enjoy the support and collaboration of working in a class of 4 residents with access to more than 15 experienced preceptors and rotations across the Aultman System.


Aultman Alliance PGY1

Aultman Alliance Community Hospital residents serve as active members of interdisciplinary teams and participate in a variety of clinical rotations to enhance and refine their pharmacy practice skills and knowledge. With clinically trained pharmacists and more than 100 licensed beds, the pharmacy department boasts a varied resident learning environment. The strengths of the program include ambulatory care, internal medicine and the opportunity to complete elective rotations on-site at Aultman Alliance Community Hospital, Aultman Hospital or within the local community. 


News and Recruitment

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